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Software Archaeology

Software not maintained anymore (by me anyway).

If you would like to take over any of these projects, feel free to contact me, I'm happy to help.


Ylva is a command line password manager. Ylva is written in C and is licensed under the MIT license. Ylva is mostly developed on Linux, but should work on BSD too.



Wilhelmina is a password manager. It's an open source (licensed under GPLv3+) software. Source code is available on Github. It's written for Windows, but should be fairly portable to other operating systems.

Wilhelmina has it's own website in here.

Ancient things

Back in 2006 I was designing LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) for a classroom in Finland. Here's the design documentation (PDF, in Finnish).

I also created my own Linux Live-CD, back when they were not that common. See the documentation (PDF, in Finnish).

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