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Services I'm offering

I'm available for hire for different kind of software projects. I work remotely.

New software development
Does you company need software written from scratch? I might be able to help.
Source code reviews (C, C++, PHP, C#, VB.NET)
Mainly security related code, but ask me for other kind of source reviews too, I might be interested.
Custom coding for existing projects
Do you want to change something for example in Titan or in Fort?
Porting Windows software to GNU/Linux
I have a lot of experience in Windows desktop software development as well as developing desktop software for GNU/Linux. I can probably port your Windows software to GNU/Linux so that it works reliably on existing GNU/Linux distributions.
Implementing cryptography functionality for your software
Not sure if you know how to use some cryptography library correctly? Not sure what algorithm to use for encryption? Contact me.
General advising with software development
Licensing (although, I'm not a lawyer), software libraries, programming languages, security related things. Just ask me what you have in mind.
Remote system administration
I'm available for system administration jobs. Systems running GNU/Linux or FreeBSD are familiar for me. I can work with Windows servers too. Security updates, configuration etc.

What I don't do is web design (obviously). I can implement existing design from pictures etc. in CSS, but I don't do the actual design.

Contacting me

The best way to contact me is by email.

My prices vary on a case by case basis, work with my own software is cheaper than work with software I'm not familiar with. Also long-term commitment work is cheaper than short-term work.

Email: niko[at]byteptr[dot]com
GPG Public Key: Here.
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